Charles Paul Lynch

Charles Paul Lynch married: Rose Marie Hertzog
4 OCT 1887 23 NOV 1910 3 APR 1888
5 JAN 1924 Loretto, PA 5 FEB 1960 in Juniata, PA

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   * Charles Paul Lynch, the son of Bernard Lynch and Anne Shields, was born in Boston after his family had immigrated in 1881. He was born on October 15, 1887. Charles was still a child when he moved with his family to Cambria County, Pennsylvania.
Charles Paul married Rose Marie Hertzog on November 23, 1910. Their marriage license is at the courthouse in Ebensburg, Cambria County, Pennsylvania. He was artistically inclined and soon had their miner's cottage redesigned for the convenience of his wife. His daughter, Antoinette, remembers the shelves he had carved. The back of the shelves and the brackets were carved in birds, animals, and trees. Charles was able to do these things without patterns. Another of his hobbies included carving little workable chains, scissors, and pliers from blocks of wood. Unfortunately none of these survived the many moves the family made after his death.
Charles was a miner and when he was only about 32 years of age he injured himself at work. Later blood poisoning set in and he had to have his legs amputated. Rose was able to keep him somewhat mobile by using a child's wagon.
Charles died on in 1924, after only 14 years of marriage. His youngest daughter, Antoinette, was only 8 months old. Yet she is able to say that her parents were happy together because of pleasant memories her mother shared with her.
Most of the information on Charles comes from Marie Antoinette Lynch McGuire, his daughter.

    Rose Marie Hertzog was born on April 3, 1888, the daughter of John Philip Hertzog and Agnes Ann Buck. Rose was educated in a country school in the Loretto area of Cambria County, Pennsylvania. She only completed the fourth grade, but evidently taught the 7th and 8th grades for one or two terms.
Rose was also a great baker and enjoyed some recognition in this area. She was the chief baker for a then famous hotel in Ebensburg. People from miles around came to eat her bread, pies, and cakes. Later she baked at the Mountain House Summer Resort in Cresson, Pennsylvania. This resort was noted for the famous people who vacationed there.
After 14 years of marriage to Charles Paul Lynch, Rose was widowed. She had six children ranging in age from 8 months to 13 years. When she had to move out of their miner's cottage in Amsbry, Pennsylvania, Rose had trouble finding a home for her children. It seemed no one wanted to rent to an unemployed widow with little children.
In Sankertown, Rose met with success only after she told the landlord that three of the children were relatives who were visiting for a few weeks. They lived in a little house which only had about three rooms. Later they moved to a house on Spruce Street owned by a Mr. Roberts.
In 1934, Rose moved her family to the Keystone Building Apartments in Cresson. These were owned by Mr. Ryan. Antoinette was old enough to remember this second floor apartment. It had a small living room, a kitchen, a very large bedroom, a bath, and a bedroom at the end of the hall for the boys. This was the first bathroom the family had enjoyed. They marveled at the running hot water! The other tenants included a photographer, a Chinese laundry man, a tailor, and a plumber. The laundry man entertained the children with fireworks.
Rose began to get a Widow's Pension and life became a little easier. Life in the new apartment was not all fun and games. The apartment had been rented to a bootlegger. For the first year or so Rose had to deal with drunks looking for alcohol. One time a man punched her in the face and her oldest son, then 18 or 19 years old, defended her and knocked the man down the stairs.
Rose worked as a housekeeper at the Tuberculous Sanatorium in Cresson. It was a two mile walk which Rose made every day. Later room and board were included in her pay and then she only returned home on the weekends. Financial circumstances improved and Merle contributed monthly from his Navy pay.
In 1938, Rose and her family moved to a house next to the apartment building. In order to afford the rent, Rose took in boarders. She rented the second floor of three or four rooms to Mrs. Freithy, her three adult children, and her boarder. How crowded they must have been! After the marriage of her children, Mrs. Friethy and her boarder moved out. Rose then maintained a series of boarders, thus enabling her to keep this house.
Rose's oldest daughter, Bernice, decided to open a beauty shop. She and her husband rented some rooms from her mother. Life did seem to be turning over a new and happy leaf for this family.
Shortly after this Rose met a man from Juniata, Pennsylvania. When she told her family that his name was George Shipe, they all sniggered. Two years later, George and Rose went to Cumberland, MD. and got married. Rose moved to Juniata and left her nearly grown children to finish high school.
Rose and George had some happy years and some very sad ones together. Her son, Joe, was killed in the service. Bernice's husband, Merwyn, was killed in a bus accident. Dolores had two still born births and was ill for months. During her illness she lived with Rose and George.
George had a massive stroke and Rose cared for him for seven years. He was bedridden and couldn't talk during this time. They lived with George's son, John, Josephine, and two rotten children. Things didn't work out well, so they moved in with Bernice and her boys. In 1952, George died.
Rose moved into an apartment in Altoona. The winter she got sick with the flu she had just moved to Bernice's for a few days and there she died on February 5, 1960. Bernice and Antoinette cleaned out her apartment and made all the estate arrangements.
This obituary for Rose was found in the possession of Antoinette McGuire. The paper and date are unknown.
"Mrs. Rose M. Shipe of 1410 12th Ave., died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Bernice Shank of Juniata, at 5:40 a.m. today after a brief illness. She was born April 3, 1888, at Loretto, a daughter of John and Agnes(Burns) Hertzog, and was married to George W. Shipe, who preceded her in death. Mrs. Shipe was a member of the Golden Age Club, the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament and the Cathedral Golden Age Club. Surviving are one son, Merle Lynch of Cheltenham, MD.: four daughters, Mrs. Shank, Mrs. Evelyn Kelsey of Burbank, Calif., Mrs. Dolores McIntosh of Johnstown and Mrs. Antoinette McGuire of Cresson: two step-sons, John Shipe of Juniata and Charles P. Shipe of Juniata Gap: three step-daughters, Mrs. Elda Lauver of Juniata, Mrs. Bertha Alexander of San Diego, Calif., and Capt. Olive Shipe of Fairfield, Calif.; two brothers, William Hertzog of Cresson and Bert of Altoona; two sisters, Mrs. Bernadette Cox of Cresson and Mrs. Loretta Hydock of New York, and 14 grandchildren. Friends will be received at Korns Funeral Home, Juniata, after 7 p.m. Saturday."

*Items taken from the Richard L. Caldwell Family website.

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