Father's Father's Parents


(Lynch and Wilson)

FFF: Robert August Lynch married: FFM: Mary (May) Hurley Wilson
b:07-19-1906 12/28/1932 b:05-28-1914

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Birth Place 1st Marriage Death
1. Roberta May {Goss} 10/21/1933 Braddock, PA Kenneth Goss -
2. JAMES (Jim) HERBERT 11/28/1934 Turtle Creek,PA Jackie Sullivan -
3. William (Bill) Franklin 04/09/1937 Braddock,PA Jeanie -
4. David (Dave) Ira 12/12/1941 Braddock,PA Kathleen Fix -

    Roberta and David were born in Braddock Hospital and Jim and Bill were born at home.

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