Father's Father's Mother's Parents


(Wilson and McSckimming)

FFMF: James Harsha Wilson

married: 03/13/1913

FFMM: Mary McSkimming
b:05/06/1889 d:06/02/1968 b:03/27/1890 d:03/24/1924

James was born in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.          Mary was born in Paisley, Scotland.

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1. MARY (May) HURLEY 05/28/1914 Motherwell,Scotland Robert Lynch -
2.Agnes Young 11/19/1916 Motherwell,Scotland Theodore Cale -
3.Annie Hunter 11/19/1916 Motherwell,Scotland Carl Robert Holgerson -
4. George Harsha Wilson 03/04/1924 Homestead, PA,USA Lorriane -

    James travelled back to Scotland but was still a U.S. citizen.   He served with Great Britian during World War I.  In 1920 with the depression worsening in Scotland, as all the ship building contracts were moved to England, the Steel industry in Motherwell was suffering.  James moved his family to the U.S.  He is interned at Homestead Cemetary.

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