Statement of Purpose


   The purpose of this site is to enable members of the family to obtain data on the Family Ancestry.  I have set up the Tree in HTML format so that each name is an active link to that person's ancestor's or descendant's.  The root starts with our children and the page titles are named in relationship to them, (i.e. Parents, Father's Mother's Parents is from my children's point of view.)  Right now only the entire data base is available upon request but as I complete the refinements you may request specific lines, (i.e., Mother's side only).  Names in all capitals are direct line ancestors to my children, (you of course can modify your copy easily to suite yourself.   (Gee?  Is that why I did it in this format?)  Of course I ask for your participation in the extension or corrections of the data contained in these pages, (hey, its your tree too!).

    I will only publish address's of the dead, (at a future date there will be a secure section of the site that will require a password for admittance to more detailed information.  To obtain this information, proof of membership in the Family will be necessary). 

    I want this to be more that just a list of names.  Information about each person will be added as I gather it, (this is where your help comes in), from various sources.   I want to bring the past alive by adding as much detail as possible.  Any information that you may have will help.  Do you have an Ancestor's birth certificate?  A picture?  A story about their life?  It all helps.   You can send it all to me and I will incorporate it in to the data base.   Don't want to send the original?  Have it scanned and then sent.  Or make advanced arrangements with me and I'll scan it myself or have it scanned and then return it to you.


Andrew M. Lynch