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elcome to The Lynch Clan Family Tree.  The family name Lynch derives from the Norman de Lench and is an old Irish family located in County Galway and later in County Cork.  The Anglicization of the name is O'Loinsigh.  Our most famous member was Col. Charles Lynch, (1736-1796), who was a colonial official who's common form of punishment was to sentence a convicted criminal to hanging.  Later, vigilante groups came to call out for Lynch's Law which to them meant for the accused to be hung; thus, the derogatory use of the family name "to lynch" meaning to hang someone without the benefit of a trail is in complete contrast to Col. Lynch who was an appointed official of the crown and who was sentencing properly convicted criminals.  The Family motto was "Semper Fidelis" or "Always Faithful", (the Marines can't spell so they shortened it to Semper Fi, but we had it first).  And no, it is not spelled linch, that's a type of pin.

    The Purpose of this site is to enable members of the family to see their line of Ancestry and to enable lost branches to add to the Tree.



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Updated   10/08/01

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